The Taiji pipeline is an integrated multi-omics analysis pipeline. It analyze and use ATAC-seq/DNase-seq, RNA-seq, HiC data to construct TF regulatory networks and identify important regulators using the personalized PageRank algorithm.

If you have used Taiji in your research, please consider cite the following paper(s):

Kai Zhang, Mengchi Wang, Ying Zhao, Wei Wang. Systems-level identification of transcription factors critical for mouse embryonic development. bioRxiv 167197; doi:
Bingfei Yu, Kai Zhang, J Justin Milner, Clara Toma, Runqiang Chen, James P Scott-Browne, Renata M Pereira, Shane Crotty, John T Chang, Matthew E Pipkin, Wei Wang & Ananda W Goldrath. Epigenetic landscapes reveal transcription factors that regulate CD8+ T cell differentiation. Nature Immunology (2017).