Installation instruction for command line interface

The pre-built binary for Linux system can be downloaded from github (For other platforms, you will need to build the program from the source following these instructions.) The binary depends on several external libraries. Most of them should have already been installed in standard Linux environment, except for igraph C library which can be downloaded and installed from here.

After downloading the binary, put it in your system’s PATH. To verify that the installation is successful, type taiji --help in your command line.

External software

Taiji uses serveral other software, listed below:



Software with older versions might not work.

Installation instruction for graphical user interface

After Taiji is successfully installed, download the taiji-viz binary from here.

To use taiji-viz, run taiji-viz on the command line. Then open a web browser and go to “”.

Remote Access

When you have installed taiji and taiji-viz on a remote server, you can use your laptop or desktop to control and monitor the execution of the program.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Run taiji-viz on a remote server.
  2. On the local machine, create a SSH tunnel: ssh -L 8787:localhost:8787 username@server
  3. Open a web browser and go to “”.